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The hard plastic cap of your temporary crown serves the purpose of protecting the abutment that will anchor your permanent crown once the dental lab has completed your permanent crown. It’s important to understand that the temporary crown fitted by New Prague Gentle Dental Care does not fully restore the tooth’s ability to bite off or chew food. If the temporary crown comes loose or is damaged or even falls out it could cause damage to the abutment.

If at all possible you want to avoid eating sticky foods and chewing gum on that side of your mouth. The stickiness and suction could potentially pull the temporary crown loose. Biting down on hard foods, crunching ice or bad habits like chewing on pencils and pens could also crack the biting surface of the temporary crown.

You will need to maintain your daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing twice per day while the temporary crown is in place. You shouldn’t be afraid to floss around the temporary crown. Healthy gums will help insure that your permanent crown will fit comfortably in place. Flossing with waxed floss around the temporary crown will help clear away residual food particles and plaque.

If for some reason, your temporary crown becomes loose, is damage or falls out, you should call New Prague Gentle Dental Care immediately at 952-758-3003 to schedule an appointment.