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The enamel layer of your teeth is very strong. In rare instances, though it is possible for hard fall or a blow to the face to fracture of otherwise damage a tooth. A severely fractured tooth can rarely be repaired by a simple filling. Even if the fracture doesn’t extend deep into the pulp of the tooth, you will still need to talk to Dr. Gregory Dvorak about having the tooth restored. In many cases, he recommends having the severely fractured tooth restored by a crown.

A crown essentially replaces the enamel layer of the tooth with an artificial material like as gold, base metals, or porcelain. The material Dr. Gregory Dvorak recommends for your crown will be influenced by the tooth’s primary function in your mouth and how apparent it is in your smile. Restoring a tooth with a crown usually involves two separate appointments.

During the first appointment, our dentist will use a drill to remove the majority of the enamel layer of the tooth to form an abutment. Then he will make an impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth. The impression is sent to a dental lab that will produce your new permanent crown.

We will call you back for the second appointment after the dental lab has completed your crown. The temporary crown will be carefully removed and your new permanent crown will be cemented in place.

If have a fractured, chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth, you should call New Prague Gentle Dental Care as soon as possible at 952-758-3003 to schedule an appointment.