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You may have severely damaged a tooth or have a lot of decay that has caused issues with the health of a tooth. The dentist may have given his recommendation for a dental crown to help save the tooth, which is a positive step in restoring your oral health and keeping your smile intact. Dr. Gregory Dvorak will usually suggest a dental crown over an extraction, if he believes it can save a natural tooth. Here are some reasons why a dental crown could benefit you:

1. Dental crowns are closely matched to your original tooth color, so your appearance isn’t changed, and can help improve the look of misshapen, cracked, broken, or discolored teeth.
2. Porcelain dental crowns are stain resistant, making them the ideal choice for dental prosthetics.
3. Crowns are durable and can last upwards of 15 years if they are properly maintained.
4. Dental crowns are a fixed solution, unlike dentures, and won’t slip or shift.
5. For superior protection, dental crowns serve a two-fold purpose: to protect the tooth from further damage and to encase the tooth, so as to bind together damaged teeth, resulting in a shield for plaque buildup and further decay.
6. Dental crowns are more comfortable than a denture and of course more desirable than a tooth extraction.
7. Dental crowns can restore speech since missing or ill-fitted dentures can affect the way a person talks. Also, missing teeth can cause the jaw bone to shrink, over time, resulting in more speech impediments.
8. Dental crowns restore confidence in a patient’s smile since damaged teeth or gums can cause embarrassment for a patient.

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