Advancement in Dental Implants and Bridges

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When dentists first starting using dental implants, they were used only to replace a single tooth. Over the past twenty years, the use of dental implants has evolved. When they first came out it was only possible to replace one tooth at a time. Thanks to advances in dental technology, your dentist, Dr. Gregory Dvorak, can now use dental implants in many ways, including anchoring a bridge to restore several teeth.

When you have a bridge installed, you should know that your bridge and the titanium abutments that hold it in place are not subject to decay. However, you need to clean your bridge by brushing and flossing, just like your natural teeth, in order to avoid a buildup of plaque and food particles. If you don’t clean them regularly, you will be at risk of developing tartar, which can eventually lead to gum disease. Advanced cases of gum disease like periodontitis, can cause the abutments that anchor the bridge in place to loosen.

If you find it difficult to clean plaque and food particles around your bridge, it may be recommended that you try to use a waxed floss threader, interdental brushes, or a dental water jet.

Be sure to also schedule regular dental appointments so that Dr. Gregory Dvorak can clean off any hardened tartar that may develop and also monitor the health of your gums and implant.

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