Caring for Your New Dentures

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Our motto at New Prague Gentle Dental Care is, change your smile, change your life! To help you maintain a smile you can be proud of, we offer custom dentures for our patients in New Prague, Minnesota looking for pleasing and comfortable dental solutions. After your smile has been restored with the help of dentures, you’ll want to take proper care of them as they continue to serve you. Let’s take a look at how you can take good care of your denture appliance!

1- The first step to denture care is rinsing them thoroughly after you eat. You want to wash off food particles and any oral debris so that your dentures fit properly and keep up your oral hygiene. Careful not to drop them when you remove them. Patients have found that it helps to place a towel down to catch them in case they slip. You can also fill the sink with a bit of water to cushion any accidental drops.

2- As you clean your dentures from debris, please be gentle so you don’t damage the material or bend the clasps.

3- Once your dentures are clean, you will want to clean your mouth. You can use a moistened piece of gauze or a soft-bristled tooth brush. Clear your cheeks, palate, and tongue from any oral residue.

4- Once a day you will want to brush your dentures. You will also want to keep them soaking in a solution overnight so they maintain their shape. You can use a non-abrasive denture cleaner or warm water (never hot!). If you are using a denture solution, please rinse them completely to clear away any remaining solution.

5- Taking good care of your dentures means seeing your dentist regularly, both for professional denture cleanings and oral exams to make sure your mouth is healthy.

When you come into our office for dentures, either both full or partial, you can be sure we will take the best care of your smile. We invite you to call our dedicated team at 952-758-3003 with any questions, concerns, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gregory Dvorak. Get ready to change your smile and change your life!

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