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Did you know that numerous tooth hazard risks often arise from your diet? Because of the number of risks associated with the foods you eat in connection with your oral health, it is always a good idea to have a checklist in place of what foods and drinks you should avoid. Always remember to exercise caution with any issues associated with your diet including tools you use to open foods with. Frequently asked questions associated with tooth hazard risks in conjunction with your diet are as follows:

Question: Can tooth hazards arise from foods and drinks we consume?
Several oral health risks can arise due to dental erosion and cavities from acidic products or sweets that can be converted into acids. Hard products can also chip and fracture your teeth.

Question: What are some of the biggest risks in our diets that can lead to dental damage?
Constantly snacking throughout the day has been shown to be extremely hazardous to your oral health because it increases the time in which debris from food and drinks is in contact with your teeth and gums.

Question: What is one potentially harmful activity in relation to a person’s oral health that poses a significant tooth hazard risk?
Never use your teeth to try to open food packaging. Furthermore, never use your teeth for any other tasks other than chewing food alone, which is because trying to open stuff with your teeth can immediately lead to an oral emergency and potential tooth loss. Instead, use scissors, a bottle opener or any other handy tool nearby if packaging needs to be opened.

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