Dental Implants Improve Quality of Life

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Around 30 million people live their lives without their natural teeth. For some, removable dentures have provided for their needs and they are quite happy. Today, with advancements in modern dental technology, there is another more permanent option.

Dental implants provide an appealing alternative for people with missing teeth. Whether you have a single lost tooth or a mouthful of absent teeth, dental implants can help you find your smile again.

Basically, implants replace the natural tooth root with a screw that anchors the denture in the bone of the jaw, permanently fusing it firmly in place. Unlike traditional dentures, implants are not removable and will not slip or come out when eating. The crown atop the implant is a lifetime, good-looking fixture of your mouth, and even prevents bone loss in the jaw.

Dental implants offer all the benefits and functions of natural teeth without the problems that removable dentures are well-known for. If taken care of properly, implants are for the long-term.

Gregory Dvorak has great enthusiasm for this type of treatment for those with missing teeth, and he also is trained to perform dental implant surgery. We at New Prague Gentle Dental Care are proud to be able to provide dental implants to our patients knowing that it improves the quality of their lives. Truly, implants can change your life for the better.

If you have any questions about dental implants we would be happy to give you more information. Please contact us to make an appointment at: 952-758-3003, or come by our office in New Prague, Minnesota.

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