Discover Your Smile with Cavity Prevention Treatments

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By establishing a cavity prevention checklist, you can drastically lower the risk of cavities and dental erosion. This includes eating right, creating effective cleaning habits, and visiting your dentist as necessary. The more you do to improve your oral health care, the better your smile will be regarding excellent cavity prevention plans.

Cavity prevention begins with making sure your smile is safe from the risk of dental erosion. Cavities are formed when holes in your tooth enamel are present. This can often arise due to poor oral hygiene habits or other issues with your cleaning tactics. If you are not brushing your teeth twice every day and flossing between your teeth at least once a day, you’re not doing enough to keep your smile safe from the risk or threat of cavities.

Although there are no true replacements for brushing and flossing, mouthwash and chewing sugar-free gum, or interdental cleaning tools can help improve your oral health care. Although chewing gum is not always seen as a cleaning tool, the truth is that studies have shown that by efficiently chewing sugarless gum after meals, you can help lower your risk for cavities. This is because it helps promote the existence of saliva, a natural substance which can wash away food debris and neutralize harmful acids in your mouth.

Your dentist will play a key role in keeping your smile safe. They will be able to determine if any damage is currently residing within your teeth and gums, and which tooth restorations will be needed to help save your smile. In addition, our team has many treatment techniques and tips to help you improve your oral health care on a day-to-day basis.

When you are ready to take the next step in your oral health care with cavity prevention treatments, we will be here for you. If you are interested in cavity prevention treatments from New Prague Gentle Dental Care at our dentist office in New Prague, Minnesota, call us at 952-758-3003. Dr. Gregory Dvorak and our team look forward to helping you with cavity prevention treatments.

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