Don’t Delay in Having a Chipped Tooth Repaired

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If you have a bad habit of nibbling on objects like pencils, pens, or ice, it will greatly increase your chances of chipping one or more teeth. This is also true if you participate in contact sports without wearing a quality mouthguard or if you grind your teeth at night.

Most chips are limited to the enamel layer of a tooth and often cause no pain. However, the chipped area of tooth enamel invites bacteria to develop tooth decay and cavities. If tooth decay sets in, the compromised and shallow enamel can quickly give way, allowing the decay to spread into the critical internal structures of the tooth.

You should never put off having a chipped tooth examined and treated by your dentist, Dr. Gregory Dvorak.

In some cases, Dr. Gregory Dvorak can repair a chipped tooth with a simple filling. If the chip has compromised a significant amount of tooth enamel, or if it is in a location that will not offer enough enamel to secure a filling, then he might suggest removing the entire enamel layer of the tooth to prepare it for a dental crown.

Most dental crowns in New Prague, Minnesota, are made from porcelain, gold or base metal alloys. The type of material that is best for your crown will vary depending on the tooth’s primary function in your mouth and its relationship in your smile.

If you have a chipped tooth that you’ve been ignoring, you should take the time to call New Prague Gentle Dental Care at 952-758-3003 to schedule an appointment and explore your treatment and restoration options.

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