Educate Yourself About Mouth Jewelry

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It’s important to protect your smile against the risk of dental damage. Although mouth jewelry may seem like nothing more than an accessory for your smile to your style, the truth is that lip and tongue rings can destroy your smile and cause several health risks.

Lip and tongue rings may seem stylish but are you aware of the risks they pose to your oral health? Piercing your lips or tongue could result in nerve damage or excessive bleeding. If you develop an allergic reaction to your piercing, your tongue could swell up, and can block your airway. Your mouth jewelry always can make oral hygiene more difficult for you and your dentist. Furthermore, mouth jewelry can chip and crack your teeth, cause infections, lead to choking hazards and even cause potential tooth loss.

Are you in need of a dentist in New Prague, Minnesota, for risk prevention planning? If so, our team at New Prague Gentle Dental Care can assist you. Dr. Gregory Dvorak and our team can give you a complete examination to help you with keeping your smile safe. Our number is 952-758-3003.

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