Maintaining Your Dentures

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If you are missing teeth, you deal with several problems. First, gaps in your smile will make you self-conscious about your appearance. Your mouth can take on a sunken appearance, which will make you look older than your true age. You may also have problems eating and speaking. Additionally, missing teeth create more places for bacteria and plaque to build up, and give your remaining teeth room to shift out of alignment.

There are several options for replacing missing teeth. While implants are sturdy and popular, some people may not be good candidates for the procedure because of medical conditions. Bridges are effective, but a person will have to wait until a bridge is made in a dental lab before it can be placed, and crowns will also have to be placed on some of the patient’s teeth. Dentures are comparatively inexpensive and often they can be made and fitted in the same day. So, dentures may be a great solution for improving your smile.

You may think that because your dentures are not natural teeth, your days of brushing are over. In truth, your dentures need to be cleaned every day since food debris and bacteria can accumulate on them.

You should clean your dentures using dish soap, hand soap or a toothpaste formulated for dentures. Regular toothpastes can contain abrasives that can damage your dentures. Gently scrub them with a soft-bristled toothbrush, or a denture brush. Clean your dentures over a sink full of water or a towel to minimize the chances that they will break if you drop them.

Ideally, you should take your dentures out for at least four hours a day, and you should not sleep with them in. When you take them out at night, you should place them in a soaking solution. That will help clean them, and keep them moist so that they will retain their shape.

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