Smile Makeovers: Dental Damage Treatments

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To make sure your teeth are getting the quality and care they deserve, it is important to evaluate all lifestyle choices, activities, habits, and routines that you implement on a daily basis that can potentially negatively damage your teeth and gums. To help prevent dental damage, remove any aspects of your life that can put your teeth at risk, and exercise caution with all the choices that you make.

One oral health risk that can easily be avoided includes risks associated with unhealthy habits in your lifestyle This includes bad habits such as smoking and using drugs. Depending on your level of usage and the products being used, you could be an increased risk for the following:
– bad breath
– stained teeth
– smelly clothing
– irreversible tooth floss
– tooth decay
– oral cancer

Sports are also a key contributor to dental damage. Numerous smiles are destroyed every year due to sports. If you partake in any sports or high-risk activities that can easily put your smile at risk, it is important to always exercise caution. This includes making sure you’re wearing the proper facial equipment, including any mouth guards that may be available.

With the use of lip or tongue rings, you can increase your risk for dental damage. Anytime you place items inside your mouth that are meant to permanently alter the course of your smile, risks to your teeth or gum tissue will arise. With lip or tongue rings, you can be at an increased risk for nerve damage, lacerations, chipped teeth, or infections. Lip and tongue rings also pose as choking hazards.

Exercise caution with all your lifestyle choices. For the help of a dentist in New Prague, Minnesota, we can be reached at 952-758-3003. Whichever oral health care services you feel would best suit your needs, Dr. Gregory Dvorak and our team here at New Prague Gentle Dental Care in our dentist office are committed to providing you the service you require. We look forward to bringing your smile back to its fullest.

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