Tips for Cleaning Your Dental Bridge

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Your dental bridge replaces two or more lost teeth in your mouth. It represents a serious investment in your long term oral health and function. With proper care your bridge can last for many years to come.

Just as with your natural teeth twice daily brushing and flossing is critical to maintaining healthy gums and the crowns that anchor your bridge. If you don’t remove food particles and plaque from your bridge it can harden into tartar, which can easily lead to gum disease. Left unchecked, chronic gum disease can lead to bone loss in the teeth anchoring the bridge which can cause the bridge to fail.

Many people with a bridge like to use Interdental brushes to help clean hard to reach places. These are essentially just small narrow brushes with angled heads. They are small enough to fit into the gaps around your bridge to remove food particles that might otherwise be hard to reach.

Oral irrigators and dental water jets can also help to gently remove food debris from between teeth and around the bridge.

Rinsing your mouth vigorously with an antiseptic mouthwash can also help wash away food particles and kill bacteria. Just keep in mind that antiseptic mouthwash cannot replace the value of flossing in your oral hygiene regimen.

If you have questions about how to clean your bridge, feel free to call New Prague Gentle Dental Care at 952-758-3003 to schedule an appointment. We are here to help restore your smile!

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