Tongue Cleaning Tips

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Did you know that millions of particles of bacteria and acids accumulate on your tongue during the day? Even if you can’t see them, they can cause your smile significant damage in addition to bad breath. To counteract this, we encourage you to clean your tongue every day during your oral care routine with a special tongue cleaning tool such as a tongue scraper. We are happy to offer tips on the correct use of a tongue scraper tool to prevent acid buildup and improve your oral health.

– Before each use, rinse the tongue scraper with water to clear away any bacteria from the last use so that you don’t transfer particles the scraper to your tongue during the cleaning.

– Clean your tongue every day by scraping from the back to the front to remove any plaque, food or bacteria, and make sure each side of the tongue is addressed, including the top and bottom.

– Cleaning your tongue should be done gently so that the tongue scraper does not aggressively scratch the soft tissues and cause some injury.

– At the end, rinse your mouth with water to remove any dislodged particles that are still lingering in your smile.

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