What Are the Key Symptoms of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

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What are the key symptoms of baby bottle tooth decay? If your child is displaying signs and symptoms of pain or dental decay, they may be suffering from baby bottle tooth decay, which is the result of an increased exposure to enamel-eating products such as sugar, which are often associated with baby bottles. Protecting your child’s teeth at a young age can guarantee that their permanent teeth will be able to grow in correctly, and continue to benefit them for well into adulthood.

As children begin to age, their teeth will be at a greater risk for tooth decay. In infants, baby bottle tooth decay is a serious issue because of the damage sugars have on their teeth. Never give your child baby bottles that contain sugary products such as soft drinks or sugary juices, and never let your child sleep with their bottle in their mouth.

Contamination from outside sources is also a serious problem in infants. Avoid sharing any oral products with your child including toothbrushes or bottles, as they can introduce harmful bacteria to your child’s mouth. Avoid giving your child sugary drinks in their baby bottles and never coat the tops of them with sugary products, even if it is only to encourage them to drink.

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