What Is the Deal with Implant Dentures?

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In today’s world of advanced dentistry, you don’t have to keep struggling with missing teeth. Dr. Gregory Dvorak and our team can provide many different oral care options to help you regain your smile. We may recommend implant-supported dentures if you have lost several teeth. Unlike traditional dentures that remain on top of your gums, implant dentures are attached to your jawbone for security.

Implant-supported dentures can help you fill a full arch of teeth, and like single dental implants, we first need to determine that your jawbone is dense enough to support your appliance. While the process of receiving dentures can be very straightforward, implant dentures require dental X-rays and possible a CT scan to gauge your oral health first. Because receiving these dentures can require a few procedures, you may need to receive temporary dentures from our dentist to restore your smile in the short term.

Implant dentures offer two main styles that use a bar or ball mechanism. A bar-retained denture utilizes a thin metal piece that curves just like your jaw to attach implants, and then clips on the denture snap your appliance onto the bar. Ball-retained dentures use implants that include a metal ball that hooks into the denture sockets.

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